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Diagnosed in mid Sept. 2019 - 70 yrs. old


Re: Diagnosed in mid Sept. 2019 - 70 yrs. old

Hi Darla, 


I had my first herceptin this week. I was told you have it over a longer timeframe for first dose in case you react. Then after then know you are ok with it they whapp it to you over a quicker time. 


I have it alongside doxetaxol, and I'm as I've already also had 3 x fec chemo its hard to tell which side effect is from what !!! But I've also been very cold. 


Much love xxxx


Diagnosed in mid Sept. 2019 - 70 yrs. old

My surgeon said I was estrogen and progesterone. Her2 pos. Tumour was 1.7 cms. and clean margins. He used nos. for the sentinel node (2.3). He said he doesn't worry if it is (2)? At my first appointment with oncologist, she said 1 lymph node was removed. My treatment started last week (4 cycles, with herceptin, then radiation and more herceptin thereafter.  First herceptin was 90 mins. and the second will be 30 mins.  Is this a much smaller dose? I have had side effects like sore muscles, some nausea, and feeling cold.  Has anyone had a similar experience?