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Diagnosed today


Re: Diagnosed today

Hi DWatkins,


Just spotted your post, so sorry to hear about your mother, life does now and then throw everything up in the air.

Have you got a follow up appointment to mention yr arm/shoulder?

Feel free to be vent here anytime.

Sounds lovely to have such a big family.




Community Manager

Re: Diagnosed today

Hi DWatkins,


We're so sorry to read about your recent diagnosis. We want you to know what we are here for you. If you want to speak to one of our clinical nurses about your diagnosis, treatment or the pain in your shoulder and arm, you can call them free on 0808 800 6000


Alternatively, you can post in the Ask Our Nurses section of the Forum, where someone will get back to you.


Sending you our warmest wishes,





Re: Diagnosed today

Hi seabreeze 

Thankyou for replying 

I woke up this morning the only word going around in my head is cancer, i am telling my yougest daughter today. Im so full of fear,anxiety just feels like one thing after another at the moment, 

I lost my son 2 years ago the worst time ever and watching your kids go through grief is so powerless and heartbreaking. Im going to my mums funeral next week she died 4 weeks ago 

And now being diagnosed with this, life feels tough

I have 6 other children who are older and thank god we are a great supportive family 

My husband is great 

My shoulder is bothering me and i keep thinking its spread 

I will contact the nurse today thank you for your help 

I neee somewhere to vent off 


Re: Diagnosed today

Hi D Watkins,


Welcome to the forum and sorry you find yourself joining our club! I guess you are reeling a tad given you only just found out today.


I should add I'm not a moderator, but saw your message and thought a quick response was in order until a moderator can get back to you. 


You might find it helpful to phone the nurse at Breast Cancer Now on freephone 0808 800 6000, usually the line is open on Saturday from 9am till 1pm, otherwise reopening on Monday.


In the meanwhile, until you speak to the moderator or the nurse, it's good to hear that they think the lymph nodes are clear, since if/when bc spreads usually it tends to go to the lymph nodes first. While I totally understand you being worried about your shoulder and arm, it may be unrelated joint or muscular pain? See what the nurse at Breast Cancer Now says but it sounds like you should phone your breast care nurse (BCN) at the hospital (most women meet the BCN when diagnosed or very soon after) and mention your arm and shoulder to them, just so that they have a full picture and can take a view and check it out. 


I had a period of rib pain at one point after being diagnosed. They checked it out and it turned out (after 2 scans) to be old fractured ribs. I had no idea I had ever fractured them, and must have done something to aggravate it. I appreciate you need to get your arm/shoulder checked, but just wanted to convey that there can be other causes of such pain given that you only received your diagnosis today.     


There are loads of us on the forum, women going through treatment, people like me who are years on and like to pop back since we found the forum so helpful when we were diagnosed. Plenty of support and space for concerns, groans, and the rest! You can also message a nurse in the ask a nurse part of the forum.


Sending hugs






Diagnosed today

I was diagnosed with invasive 

Ductal breast cancer today 

Grade 3 

They said the biopsy on the other lump and lymph nodes were fine 

My shoulder and arm have been aching for months 

I was told a few months ago its a build up of calcium and referred to a surgeon in march 

My concern is the cancer has spread to my shoulder and arm 

I didn't mention it to the breast Dr today as didn't think it was connected 

But having read stuff on cancer it can spread to those areas 

What to do next ?