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Diagnosed with ERP cancer


Re: Diagnosed with ERP cancer

Hello Mockab,

Just wanted to say hi.  I was in your shoes back in April 2018, had single mastectomy, node biopsy, then I had chemo and radiotherapy.. so a bit of everything there.  Taking each step at a time is the best way forward.  Trying to look beyond that can be overwhelming.  It is strange when you feel so well yet you know you have this "thing" going on isn't it.   I decided to remain flat on the one side, am quite used to it now, but I have an open door anytime in the future to have reconstruction if I wish. so never say never.   

Take care of yourself and take things easy.

Kip x


Re: Diagnosed with ERP cancer

Thanks Mel71, that is reassuring! I hope to feel fraudulent too!

Thanks for taking the time to reply and all the best with your next steps xx


Re: Diagnosed with ERP cancer


        I was diagnosed on 22-04-20 with ER+, I’m 48 with no family history.  I’m now nine days post op wide local excision and sentinel node biopsy. I feel really well and almost fraudulent at times if that makes sense. For me I’m just living in the moment and not getting ahead of myself. Surgery was one tick box completed and results are next. If I need more surgery then that’s next on the checklist. If margins and sentinel node are clear then radiotherapy is next to deal with. Each checkpoint is closer to the finish line. I guess everyone has different coping mechanisms and you need to do what works for you. 
wishing you the very best of luck for your surgery

Mel xx 



Re: Diagnosed with ERP cancer

Hi Mai7,

Thanks for replying and for your kind words. One step at a time is good advice and something I am trying to do.

This diagnosis is frightening, especially as it's so out of the blue. Like you say, because I'm feeling so healthy right now it's hard to imagine having to have treatment that makes you feel rotten.

I am super grateful to have found the lump and be getting on top of it early and at the same time I'm scared because I've finally reached the healthiest, fittest point in my life and it's about to go down the tubes 😢


Thanks for replying ❤️ I'm going to check out the going through treatment thread you mentioned.



Re: Diagnosed with ERP cancer

Hi Mockab, welcome to our lovely forum and glad you found us and that you’ve found some comfort here already.  The cruelty of primary breast cancer is that you never feel ill and that makes it hard to believe that you need to go through such harsh treatments.   The terminology is a bit daunting to get your head around, though I got a bit carried away and 3 years on since diagnosis, I still read cancer research papers.  ERP is usually called ER+ (Estrogen Receptor) or HR+ (Hormone Receptor). It just means that’s what cancer uses to grow.  We’ve all cried a lot of tears and I don’t know where they keep coming from but it does get easier.  It can feel overwhelming at times when it’s ahead of you and you’re going through it.  Just take it a step at a time.  The waiting times seem to be longer at present and if you’re concerned or want to check if this is local to your area or the national norm the nurses on here may be able to help.  Losing a breast is devastating and you’ll probably have good and bad days with accepting it and that’s ok.  I had to wait nearly two and a half years for my reconstruction and glad I made the decision to get one but for now just focus on getting rid of the cancer.  We are all here for you to help you get through this.  You can join the “going through treatment” threads to chat with others too.  Let us know how it’s going and feel free to ask any questions.   Sending hugs. Xxx


Diagnosed with ERP cancer

Hello out there,

I'm a new member of the club no-one wants to join! I'm so happy to find this forum and to feel a little less alone 🤗

I have two ERP cancers in my left breast (not sure that's the right terminology). It was confirmed on Thursday (yesterday) and I'm going in for a Mastectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy on Monday.

It'll be 8 weeks from me finding one of the lumps to going in to surgery. I'm shocked that I have cancer and I'm shocked at the speed that things are happening. The weird thing is that I feel SO healthy at the moment. I think that's what makes it even more surreal.

I thought when I found the lump they'd send me home saying it was nothing to worry about.

I even berated myself for using up NHS time during COVID.

I'm 41, no family history of breast cancer, healthy lifestyle and I can't believe it.

I've never spent so much time looking at my left boob 😅 I'm making the most of it before it comes off!

I'm super grateful to the NHS team where I am. They have been wonderful!

If I were weather forecast i'd say I'm generally sunny with a smattering of unexpected rain showers 😢 Where do all the tears come from?

I'm hoping that a Mastectomy and Tamoxifen will be all the treatment I need. But I won't know that until 2 weeks after the surgery 🤞 I have a real fear about needing radio or chemo therapy, I guess we'll cross that bridge if we come to it.

Reading other's experiences here is comforting and I'm sending a virtual hug to others that may be having a similar experience.

Hugs and tears and everything in between xx