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Diagnosed yesterday - still in shcok


Re: Diagnosed yesterday - still in shcok

Hi Ann - thanks for taking the time to reply. Love Helen x


Re: Diagnosed yesterday - still in shcok

same boat here. now I know what's wrong with me and what to do abut it I feel better. we will beat this, I know.
Community Champion

Re: Diagnosed yesterday - still in shcok

Hi Helen,
Although I’m sure you’d rather not be here, but a warm welcome to you.
We’ve all been where you are now, so do come & chat or vent whenever you need to.
Although getting diagnosed is a shock, most importantly, it can now be dealt with.
We certainly do get through it!
ann x

Diagnosed yesterday - still in shcok

Hi everyone. This is my first post but I have been 'following' lots of your stories for the past 4-5 weeks since I first visited my doctor with some puckering in my right breast. I couldn't feel or see a lump - it was really just that my nipple seemed to be 'moving' and as I said there was puckering. I really thought it would be nothing so when the doctor told me she thought she could feel a 'mass' I was shocked, but was refered to the breast clinic 2 weeks later. Again, I thought I would be told its nothing, but I had loads of different mamograms, ultra sound and was informed there were 2 lumps and underwent core biopsy on the larger of the lumps and a needle biopsy on the smaller one - then the wait.....

I had my appointment yesterday for the results to be told it was breast cancer. I now am waiting for an MRI scan before they decide which surgery I will need - the area feels larger on examination than is showing on the ultra sound - so they need the full picture before decisions are made.

I have to say this forum has helped me deal with the news much better than I would have if I hadn't been reading all your inspiring stories - so thank you all. 

I can - and WILL - get through this - especially with all your help.