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Diagnosed yesterday

Community Champion

Re: Diagnosed yesterday

Hi Dizmoo, sorry you find yourself here.  After diagnosis is a very anxious time as you have a big shock as well as lots of new information to process.  You are not alone in feeling lost and scared.  I was diagnosed stage 3 locally advanced with spread to 9/12 lymph nodes in Mach 2017 and after chemo, surgery and radiotherapy I’m still here 2 years on and doing very well.  Last week I walked to the top of a mountain!  I promise you will laugh again but it’s going to take a bit of time.  Once your treatment plan is in place you can chat with others going through the same on the “going through treatment” thread.  I found this very helpful.  In the meantime post away on here if you have any concerns or just need somewhere to let it all out.  Sending hugs. X

mini mad

Re: Diagnosed yesterday

Hi Dizmoo,

im sorry you find yourself on this website but believe me when i say we have ALL been where you are right now... you are not alone..💖

waiting for results is just the worst possible time and seems to take forever... good your dr referred you to the breast  clinic for investigation.  All the tests are hell and some are painful but they need to be done.  

I thought my lump was just a cyst as i have a small clump in my right breast so when they told me it was breast cancer i couldnt quite take it in.


so my lovely, be strong n brave and wait n see what was found.  You will get lots of information from your team and make a list of any questions you want to ask.

if and i say if...  it is bc once your treatment plan is in place, you will know what to expect and things do become a little easier in your head.

when you can put the dates on your calender then you have something to work towards.


please feel free to ask any questions....  in the meantime try and enjoy this beautiful weather.

good luck. Mini mad xx 💖💖


Diagnosed yesterday

Hi all

so I was diagnosed yesterday. Found a huge lump two weeks ago with some redness and initially my doc thought it was a cyst. Two lots of antibiotics running side by side but no improvement. I went back to the docs after climbing the walls with worry and was thankfully referred to the breast clinic. Went yesterday, and after the initial mammogram, the specialist told me and the hubby she thought it was an infected cyst. After having an ultrasound, and realising the radiographer was concerntrating on my armpit also I was told that the situation had changed and it was more than likely I had breast cancer. I had biopsies done, with me in tears and a mess. Got given a folder about breast cancer and was told  I’ll be back next week for scans etc and then there will be a plan of action. I’ve been to hell and back since. I suffer with health anxiety at the best of times  and I’m now more than petrified. I’ve been to my doc and he’s given  me diazepam but I’ve yet to take any. I just don’t know what to do with myself. I’m petrified the scans are going to show it’s spread