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Free EFT Sessions offering tools to support people through a cancer diagnosis


Free EFT Sessions offering tools to support people through a cancer diagnosis

This year I experienced a cancer scare and I'm not out of the woods yet. One thing that really helped me was the Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping and now I use it daily to reduce my anxiety and keep better control of the side effects of my medications and symptoms of my autoimmune disease.

I felt so passionately about the success of this self-care tool, that I have now set up a social enterprise to provide free and discounted access to online courses that can support the recovery of a patient and help build resilience.

The first sessions I will be running are in Novemeber and are totally free. I really hope some of you may be able to come and see what it's all about. It really is worth it. I promise. Lucinda xxx


Six sessions on a variety of topics - drop-in or view them all!    Not sure about the drop in idea

This November, Learn Create Explore, in conjunction with some of the crème de la crème of EFT practitioners in the UK, will be running FREE EFT online demonstrations of EFT/tapping to show how it can be helpful to those facing a cancer diagnosis. 

A list of these sessions can be found here.


These sessions will be an hour and a half and you will be able to see a demonstration of EFT at work, and ask questions.


It is an unfortunate truth that almost all of us will know of someone with cancer or have had first-hand experience with it. However, what many people may not know is just how effective Emotional Freedom Techniques can be in reducing the emotional charge of situations and symptoms and alleviating anxieties, cravings, and poor sleep amongst a list of many other things. Thanks to the kindness of the following practitioners, a selection of topics will be covered.


Emma Roberts –EFT Founding Master and Trainer - www.theeftcentre.com

Andy Bryce - EFT Founding Master - www.tappingthrough.com

Bettina Falkenberg – EFTi Advanced Accredited EFT Practitioner - www.taptoflow.com

Sue Beer – EFT Founding Master and Trainer - www.theeftcentre.com



2nd of November: An introduction to EFT for Cancer

Emma Roberts


9th of November: EFT and the trauma of a cancer diagnosis - denial of the diagnosis

Andy Bryce


16th of November: EFT to assist with Self-blame and the struggle to remain positive -

Bettina Falkenberg


23rd of November: EFT for physical issues associated with cancer

Bettina Falkenberg


30th of November: EFT and dealing with food cravings/stopping smoking/other lifestyle changes following a cancer dia...

Sue Beer


The hope is that these sessions will be rewarding for those facing cancer in any aspect of their journey. But also help those training in EFT learn skills that will improve how they handle this sensitive subject area.   I am not sure about this.  Teaching practitioners to work with cancer is very different to teaching people with a diagnosis.


We have a limited number of places, so do sign up early, and please share with friends and family. 




Lucinda Parker Roberts, at Learn Create Explore, this year had a cancer scare, and knows first hand the fear, the anxiety and the battle that exists in the mind to stay positive at such a time. 

She learned EFT at the beginning of 2021 and has found it life-changing in reducing the symptoms of her autoimmune disease. Now, knowing how much it could have helped her post-diagnosis at 17, and over the past 20 years, she is on a mission to introduce tapping to others who are also facing a health challenge.

You can find out more about her on her author's website – www.lucindaparkerrobets.com and at her social enterprise www.learncreateexploreonline.com