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Gene expression profiling


Re: Gene expression profiling

Hi, I'm 52 and had a peanut size lump,removed last year and had on Oncotype score of 1. Oncologist said he's never had one so low. Lymph nodes were clear. 8 rounds of radiotherapy 5+3 boosters. On Tamoxifen  for 5 years and discharged from Oncologist . Neighbour had same op as me the day before, same hospital but different surgeon 5 sessions of radiotherapy.

Friend in London had a lump removed  a year before me , no Oncotype testing , nothing in her nodes and a month of radiotherapy. 

Ring your breast care nurse and ask .

good luck. 



Re: Gene expression profiling


I think it may depend on the grade of the invasive cancer. Prior to surgery I was told I had invasive cancer, grade 2, 15mm tumour, er+ and her2-. No mention was made of oncotype DX test and was told it was unlikely I would need chemo. Post surgery told that cancer was grade 3 and I was offered the Oncotype DX test to assess whether I might benefit from chemo. I was told that I should only agree to the test if I would agree to chemo if offered.  I think the situation in which the test is useful is narrow and very particular so if you have not been offered it, it is not considered that it would add any use information to your treatment. 

Hope that reassures you.



Gene expression profiling

Hi all,

I was recently diagnosed with extensive high grade DCIS (7.5cm) and underwent a mastectomy. The pathology showed a very small invasive cancer (3mm) within the DCIS surrounding tissue/area. I am Er+, HER-2 negative with clear lymph nodes. Clear margins. Tamoxifen only is the treatment plan. 
I have not had GEP (Onco DX etc) mentioned to me, but think I meet the criteria based on the small invasion and my profile? I’m just not sure. Starting to panic about this. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

H x