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?? Genetics


Re: ?? Genetics


Re: ?? Genetics

Getting breast cancer after the menopause doesn't count for genetics. So your mum's is more likely to have just happened by chance rather than being genetic.


Re: ?? Genetics

Hi Again

I was told on the day of my diagnosis that this was something that would take place once I get sorted, I too have 2 daughters and am aged 38 with no history of breast cancer so I would have thought it could be something you could push x


?? Genetics


Im 42 and have stage 1 invasive ducal breast cancer.  Both oestrogen & progesterone positive, with a negative her2 diagnosed this month and operated on 12/3- just waiting results of sentinel lymph node biopsy in 2 week.


My mum age 72, was diagnosed with the same breast cancer as me - same breast, oes & pro positive, her2 neg- but stage 2- exactly a week after me- she has the same op planned 20/3. 


I thought my gran (mums mum) had died of stomach cancer, which she did- but she had breast cancer in her 50s, which I was not aware of.  Then my mum was told by her sister, that her older sister (they don’t speak to each other)- my aunt also had breast cancer in her 50s.


I told my consultant this new info before my op last tue.  He said we still might not qualify for genetic testing as the criteria on the NHS is quiet strict. Surely me, my mum, aunt & gran on the same side is enough to be assessed ?


Ive got a 10 year old daughter, so obviously concerned. 

Anyone else have any info/ experience re genetics ? 

Thanks in advance x