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Given results from biopsy today

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Re: Given results from biopsy today

Hello Loops , welcome to the forum. I had similar diagnosis 6 years ago now . I had lumpectomy and radiotherapy but my cancer was quite small . I think there are pros and cons for both courses of treatment . Im not sure if mammograms look at sentinel node area  -maybe that’s something you could ask in the Ask the nurses section on the forum ? 
the main thing is being happy with your decision - everyone’s individual circumstances are different .

My cancer was left sided - they do Ct scan to check position in relation to heart if it is anywhere near radiotherapy area they can do special breathing techniques to move the heart out of the field of the beams .

Good luck wry your treatment Jill x







Given results from biopsy today

Hi everyone. I have just returned from hospital after getting my biopsy results. I have IDC stage 2 ER+ HER2-

I have been booked in for a mastectomy on the 28th of this month. I go for my pre assessment on Friday.

The choice was a lumpectomy and radiotherapy or mastectomy. I am 65 next month and felt this was the right decision for me my husband fully agrees with me, I did feel the breast care nurse thought I should go for the lumpectomy but I asked the consultant, who is going to be doing the OP, if I was his mother what would he suggest to her, he said in that case he would suggest a mastectomy, but he stressed it was up to me. He was a lovely man and I felt at ease with him. He explained about the sentinel lymph gland removal. I also have a form of tachycardia which worried me if I had to have radiotherapy as it is my left breast that's affected. As I got home I suddenly thought how do they ever check if you get cancer at a later date in the lymph nodes as you wont be having a mammogram on that side? I realise I may need a further OP and treatment if they find anything in the lymph nodes but for now I feel happy with my decision. Sorry for the rambling post!