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Invasive duct carcinoma grade 2


Re: Invasive duct carcinoma grade 2

Hi Tara,

How are you doing today thank you for your wonderful message it helps me so much.Sending you vitrual hugs with love too.At the moment I am trying to make myself calm keep doing my daily activity while waiting for my doctor appointment.There are so many information that I need to understand I hope my case us nit too late to treat with.My biopsy result stated"Suspicious for intravascular/lymphatic vessels invasion.Something that am really worried about.Thanks god I can still manage to get a good sleep at night my family doctor try to convince me to take a relaxant but I decline it.I believe more on prayers and meditation I believe that he won't give us a trials that we can't handle it.I am very optimistic person but what am thinking if my body will give up and my good spirit too.Does side effect of the treayment win't send us anither health prolem.For now am practicing to take precautions if what am eating to unfeed the cancer cells foid without coffee and sugar I hope doing the right thing.Tomortow 30/11 I'm require to do armpit ultra siund it shows in my MRI ti pay attention with the gland under my armfit.If the cancer didn't get there yet then,will be my lucky.

In the main time I need to be more strong person than I could imagine I hope this advance treatment researcher will able to save our lives so we can still be able to live back normal and healthy for the sake of our children and family.I am hoping that every prayers will be heard and granted upon him.


Much love ❤❤❤


Community Champion

Re: Invasive duct carcinoma grade 2

Hi Bellel,

It’s nice to meet you! In unfortunate circumstances I have to say but please know there are lots of kind people here that are or have been in a similar situation themselves. You are not alone we are here for one another. I wanted to offer you a gentle virtual hug and hope I can offer some calming words of support.

 My name is Tara and I am 37 years old. I have 2 boys that are 8 and 10. I noticed from your post that you are a mum of a Son too and I like that you are the same as me and see your child as your inspiration to beat this vile disease! Keep believing for your Son! I know you want to protect your child because of what he has been through with the death of his father in the past and I can completely understand your thinking and wanted you to know you do not have to do anything that you don’t want to in terms of informing family or friends of what is happening, although If you do find you need to talk with your Son about your diagnosis in the future you can get support on ways to do this by calling the nurses on this site or asking you breast care nurse at the hospital  to sign post you to the relevant people. I told my boys because I had to have chemo and was unsure how poorly it would make me. I was given a lovely book from the breast cancer nurse at the hospital for my youngest to explain my diagnosis to him and spoke to my oldest about it on our Friday night drive to goal keeper training. It is a time that just me and him are together and I told him I had to go to the hospital to have the cancer lump removed and take some really strong medicine that was going to help me get rid of it. I told him it might make me sick but that is because it is so strong and has to be so it can do its job effectively. I explained that I would fo everything I could to get rid of the cancer so that I could continue to be with them and take care of them.


 My cancer was Grade 3 triple negative. I was diagnosed in March, had surgery in April, 6 rounds of chemo June to September and finished radiotherapy 2 weeks ago. You have said that you have 3 tumours that are grade 2 and you will meet with your surgeon next week to discuss your treatment options. Please know that the confusion you are feeling now should all be ironed out in this meeting.  The type of cancer you have, your surgery options and also any other treatments that are available to you should be discussed at this meeting so it would probably be best to take a note pad and pen with you so that you can write down what is said. Sometimes you can take another person along with you if your hospital allows this at this time. If not you could ask the surgeon if you can call a relative of friend whilst in the meeting and have them on loud speaker so that they can listen in to what is said. I found it best to choose one of these options as there was lots of information and things I forgot to ask. The extra pair of ears or notes can help answer queries you may have when you get home after the appointment. Once I had spoken to my surgeon and my treatment plan had began to take shape I felt a lot  less anxious, it felt as though something was starting to be done about getting the cancer out. The fight was beginning and I wasn’t going to loose for the sake of my boys! I am hoping that you will feel the same comfort.

 You mentioned that you are worried about treatment because of your petit size and the effects it will have on your body. I am not your doctor and I don’t know what treatment you will be offered, but all treatment is tailored to you individually. I am not saying it won’t be tough and you may feel poorly, but it should be doable. If things get too much treatment can be tweaked to better suit you. It’s all about trial and error. 

 I hope I have managed to put your fears at ease a little. The waiting for appointments can be hard, but like I said before we are all here for you. If you need advise or support please do continue to post or contact the specialist nurses on the number on this site.


 Keep us informed of how your appointment goes with your surgeon.

 Together we will beat this!


 Lots of love ❤️ Tara x





Invasive duct carcinoma grade 2

Hi good evening everyone,

First of all am so glad that I found this site.I don't know how to start my post.Because everything is happening so fast to me.Last Sept.my doctor advice me to do mammogram.Since,I never do this test until this age 51.To my surprise they found out 3 breast lumph in my breast 1.1 cm.the other is 0.5*0.8 one just right near my nipple,and one gland under my armpit.I just did my biopsy 3 weeks ago and am going to meet for the first time my breast surgeon this coming week.I can't still believe how it happens to me so quickly.I don't know what to do I don't know what is the next step that am going to do.What operation and treatment that am going through then.How will my small body weighing only 45 kilos can caught up.There are so many questions that stocked up in my mind and I don't know how to say it out.How good my prognosis,and what is the right treatment should I need.It is very diffecult for me to handle all these things alone living in a foriegn land away from my family who can support me. I Have 20 year old son who live with me also lost his father from lung cancer 7 years ago.I decide not to share with him about my current condition because of his trauma.He is my only son who gaves me inspiration to live.If you have a golden heart to help me out sharing your noble ideas and experiences Please fo so, I really want to hear  every single advice from you.Thank you and may god will blessed and guide us all much love❤❤🙏 !