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Invasive lobular carcanoma - reconstruction


Re: Invasive lobular carcanoma - reconstruction

Hi Nas1103,

I had a mastectomy for invasive lobular breast cancer 2 months ago. Due to lockdown immediate reconstruction was not an option. I'm therefore having delayed reconstruction  and have been given the same options as you ..   I'm struggling to choose too, although they said using my own skin would look more natural as I'm a DD cup. So I'm thinking of the  flap reconstruction, but am also concerned as it's a huge operation.

Are you having immediate reconstruction? Let me know what you decide and how it goes .... I'd be interested to know.

Hope all goes well with the mastectomy. I've found it tough, but I'm getting my head round it now and getting used to wearing a prosthesis.  It's not ideal...... but at least the cancer has gone which is the main thing.

Hayley x

Community Champion

Re: Invasive lobular carcanoma - reconstruction

Hi there.

So sorry you are going through this. This decision-making period can be awfully stressful and having to make such a choice without much time to weigh up the pros and cons is one of the things I found most difficult.

This coming Tuesday 21st will be the fifth anniversary of my lobular diagnosis. I had the same choices as you although they were pretty sure at the time that I'd not need radiotherapy. I had never had surgery before and was terrified which helped my decision somewhat to go with an implant with a acellular dermal matrix sling. My surgeon was very encouraging that this was a good option for my modest B cup. I had my reconstruction at the same time as my mastectomy so was lucky to get it all over in one operation and wake up with something there which I really believe helped me come to terms with everything that had happened more speedily. My recovery was far quicker than I anticipated as well and made me a lot less anxious about any further surgery should it be necessary. 

I've not had any problems with the reconstruction which will be five years old next month. It's not uncomfortable and it looks pretty natural. I have no concerns about getting it out in communal changing rooms for example. There is however very little feeling left which is the only downside. 

Although you obviously would prefer to avoid multiple surgeries, keep in mind that if you opt for implant recon and find you don't like it or it fails further down the line then there is always the option to go for an own tissue reconstruction at a later date. And in a few years there might be even more options available. 

Good luck with you decision. You will get through this. Keep in touch and let us know how things go for you. It's a great supportive community here.

Ruth x






Invasive lobular carcanoma - reconstruction

Hi Everyone 

I have recently been diagnosed with Invasive lobular carcanoma and I’m still coming to terms having to accept this.

Im now having to have an mastectomy and reconstruct my breast and need advise on my options, hopefully with the help from some of you, who have experienced the same as me. 

I’ve been given the two options of going ahead with a silicone reconstruction or using my body fat. I think I’m heading more towards a silicone reconstruction, due to the recovery and also not having two operations. I then need to decide if I do this the same time of the removal or post removal. I don’t know if I require radiotherapy yet as this will be identified during operation. If anyone has gone through the same procedure, what were your complications with the silicone? If any?

I could really do with some advise or hear about your experiences if you have been through this.

Thanks to all you brave ladies out there!