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Invasive papillary breast cancer


Re: Invasive papillary breast cancer

I haven't been diagnosed with this type of cancer but I noticed no one has yet replied. I just wanted to say, I hope you're OK! I've recently been diagnosed too so understand how shocking it is and what a whirlwind all the appointments, scans and biopsies are 😞 this forum is a great place to find some comfort as noone really understands what we're going through x

its me

Invasive papillary breast cancer

Hi, I am new here. I was recently diagnosed with encapsulated papillary carcinoma after a routine breast screen and follow up biopsies etc. I have always gone to my screens plus then some from having dense fibrocystic breasts, at this stage a double lumpectomy was on the table. I then went on to have an MRI and more mammograms and ultrasound. I saw the surgeon yesterday who has advised me that I have extensive malignancy throughout my right breast along with 4 tumours, the largest being around 20mm. With that news a mastectomy is now the preferred surgery and a PET scan which I am having today to see if there is any spread elsewhere. To say we are reeling is an understatement, I have taken the last week off work and haven’t returned this week due to having scheduled scans and time to process what is happening.

I would like to know if anyone else has been diagnosed with this cancer and how they are processing things. I am a need to know person who likes to be well informed, is anyone like this. 
Thanks fir listening to me, I have been told that this cancer accounts for less than 2% of all breast cancers diagnosed.