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It’s the little things!


Re: It’s the little things!

Hi Jan, 

thanks for your reply. I’ve been online and ordered🙂 This is such a great place for asking these questions. I’m probably overdoing my exercises as I want to be radiotherapy ready! 
I hope you are keeping well 

enjoy the sunny week ahead 

Mel x 


Re: It’s the little things!

Hi Mel

Congratulations on completing stage 2 (stage 1 is coping with the shock of diagnosis, in my book). I hope your results will be good and stage 3 will be ok for you.

As regards deodorant, your best bet is to buy a crystal deodorant. These are solid shapes, you damp the end and rub repeatedly where you’d sweat. I’m still using mine 19 months on and they never wear down! You can get them online at Holland and Barratt and other places and generally they are quite cheap. They definitely work for me as an anti-perspirant too and they carry no risks.

I had chemo and stopped sweating and lost my underarm hair. Ive only recently started sweating again but underarm hair is now sparse and colourless and hardly grows at all. As I have a scar extending under my arm, I cant see me flashing it all around so I dont bother epilating any more. Sorry about the punctuation. Either the website or my ipad is playing up!

Best of luck with the results and recovery - I hope youre doing your exercises!



It’s the little things!

Hi all,

I’m a week post op (wide local excision and sentinel node biopsy) The thing that is driving me nuts is the development of a hairy armpit and not using deodorant on that side 🤣  

Post op appointment is on Wednesday with results so can ask then but I just wondered what anyone has done around deodorant and hair removal? 

best wishes