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Lumpectomy Surgery day tomorrow! Any advice?


Re: Lumpectomy Surgery day tomorrow! Any advice?

Hi Tristana

I had a lumpectomy (but no blue dye) back in March. I was unbelievably nervous in the run up to the surgery but I found once I arrived at the hospital I felt better. Every member of staff I encountered: from the surgeon to the cleaner was warm, friendly and compassionate. I realised they were all professional and knew what they were doing and their calmness and efficiency was very reassuring. 


As soon as I walked onto the ward, I was well taken care of and there were so many things to do: fitting for those DVT sock things, forms to fill out, blood pressure checks, identity bracelets, deciding on an evening meal, meeting the anaesthetist, an ultra-sound with the surgeon etc etc. This all helped to pass the time and again, their calmness and compassion made me feel a lot calmer.


I was still a little nervous but no longer terrified. That said, when the porter arrived with the trolley to wheel me to surgery my anxiety peaked. As I entered the anaesthesia room I started to panic but again the staff in there were amazing, they took the time to reassure me and treated me with great care and dignity.


Obviously, I can't take away your worries (being nervous of surgery is perfectly normal) but what I can say is, the staff at the hospital know what they're doing, they're used to dealing with people feeling anxious, they are familiar with all of the procedures and they know exactly what to do every step of the way.


This is a huge step for you and I know it's hard, very very hard but tomorrow will come and it will go and then you can move forwards.


Take good care of yourself and remember to take some nice deep breaths,

sending love and hugs xxx


Re: Lumpectomy Surgery day tomorrow! Any advice?

Hi Tristana 

I had my lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy 6 weeks ago and second surgery just over a week ago as hadn’t got a large enough margin. I like you had the injection but injection came up late so missed my skit in the morning! I had surgery at 2 and was discharged just after 7pm.

My husband wasn’t allowed to stay but time soon passed once surgeon and anaesthetist came and nurses do their admission bits! I agree take something to do - I took a book first time but couldn’t concentrate so took music and headphones second time.

I experienced no pain in the lumpectomy site - more discomfort at node site but that soon passed. I would recommend doing the excises given. The injection  isn’t too bad - a little stingy but that’s it. You’ll do blue wee which is a bit weird and you may have a blue boob for a bit!

I wish you all the best - you will be absolutely fine and soon be back home recovering.

Let us know how you get on. If you check the May 2919 surgery thread their are a few of us on there who gave recently had surgery.

All the best Mel xxx


Re: Lumpectomy Surgery day tomorrow! Any advice?

Hi Tristana,


I, like you, had a lumpectomy with all the injections etc... about 5  years ago.  For me there was a little wait after they had done the injections etc... as there were two of us being operated on that day and the other lady had some further complications (I think it was diabetes) this meant that she needed to be seen first.  So, my experience was that it depends on who they are seeing through the day.  If it helps, they will probably know that and may be able to tell you the order at the beginning of the day. 


I think for me the two tips I would give are firstly take something with you to distract you (a good book, knitting, crossword puzzles etc..  Whatever is right for you.  If you can, take someone with you who you can chat to - but if this isn't possible there are usually lots of people waiting who are only too happy to chat.)  Then if you do have a wait, the time passes a little more quickly. 


Secondly, know that it will be ok.  Once you believe that, you can picture what it will be like when it is all done and you are the other side of the operation, all recovered.  Keep a picture of what that will look like in your mind (eg - you on a beach, you having a big cream cake and a cup of tea....).


Wishing you all the best for your surgery.  Take care of yourself afterwards too.






Lumpectomy Surgery day tomorrow! Any advice?

I've got my lumpectomy tomorrow, 😳 I need to be at Cheltenham hospital at 8am, Radioactive stuff injected at 10:15am and  the blue dye etc... Anyone know how long after all that they will do the surgery?? And any-heads up, warnings, or tips to help me know what to expect to stop me collapsing in a terrified heap on the floor!!?