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Mum 84 just diagnosed..


Re: Mum 84 just diagnosed..

Dear Bevbops,

It's a shock to be diagnosed with breast cancer, but the biggest help to me was the support of my friends and family. When I was ready, it was good to talk through my feelings and fears. I also appreciated the support when I went for consultations at the hospital. 

I was diagnosed at the end of August and even now I don't fully think that I have come to terms with my diagnosis. Everything moved at quite a steady pace- mammograms, scans, biopsys and consultations. I think that being given information in small manageable chunks helped me to process what was happening. I found it helpful to write down any questions that I had for the consultant and breast surgeon in a book. I contacted Mac Millian and spoke to a nurse, who sent me a list of possible questions that I could ask at each stage of the treatment, which was really useful. 

I had an operation at the end of September and I start radiotherapy on Monday. I hope that you get all of the advice and support that you both need.

Kind regards,



Mum 84 just diagnosed..

My mum has just been diagnosed 3 days ago, must add a mix up occured firstly had the all clear then 2 weeks later another phone call to come back to have a chat at breast clinic, then my alarm hits, something is not right, yes confirmed that day she has BC.. Phew what a shocker that was at 84 years old you really think all this stuff is done with. I am in total shock really thinking what about tlhe future? Treatments ? Waiting for scans for how it is going ? Well,I'm coming to terms with it a little now but it's hard..

Any advice information very much appreciated lovelies x x