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Nearly there with full diagnosis....one result pending


Re: Nearly there with full diagnosis....one result pending

Hi Delly - thank you and glad I gave you a good giggle 🙂  I now have a new tin which husband dutifully cleaned to within an inch of it's life lol 🙂

I did speak to a BCN on here who said the jury was out on collagen use (either topical or supplements) so I've also put a call in to my GP to see if they can answer.  Anyway, for now it's not being used.  My daughter swears by coconut oil so I'll check if this will be OK to use as a moisturiser/softener.  Good advice regarding to Omega 3 but as I have sooooo many allergies I've gotta be a bit careful on taking supplements (normally the problem is the capsule they come in ugh).  Also when I've got vitamin supplements in the past, they seem to be coated (which again gives me an allergic reaction).

Perfume wise, I'm fine so will check out the oatmeal bits too.

So thank you (and yes, the BC punch bag is defo a good idea!) lol xx


Re: Nearly there with full diagnosis....one result pending

Thank you Jan....If only I had been gallivanting around lol....been pretty much housebound (other than weekly food shop) for most of the year, so guess it was just pure bad luck.  Everyone else in house all OK and didn't have any symptoms and mine were more like one of my yearly chest infections (hence didn't even think I'd got covid).  But seem to be all fully recovered now apart from being tired....but I've been tired for about 6 months (I can nap on demand lol).

I do have a ready supply of E45 and aqeuous creams so hopefully these will suffice and I had heard about avoiding parapens so now checking all my other lotions and potions, shampoo and conditioner.  May have to 'borrow' some of my daughters as she usually buys all natural products and uses loads of coconut oil.

And as for bruises....yep got a little collection on the go already xx


Re: Nearly there with full diagnosis....one result pending

Thanks Evie - I spoke to BCN on here and she was unsure too about the collagen issue and said it was a bit of a grey area but nothing definitive.  I've also put a call in to my GP to check too....but I'm erring on the side of caution and won't use my cream until I know one way or the other.  I'm now check all ingredients on my other potions and lotions (eye & face creams, moisturisers, shampoo and conditioner!).  It's a bit of a minefield....also been advised to avoid anything with parabens in.  I already have a good supply of E45 and some aqueous cream too.  Like you say, perhaps it's just my age and the inevitable progression to 'the change' lol. 

Also now seem to be fully recovered from my covid adventure....I'd been soooo careful too as my dad has AML, my 78 yr old mum who lives alone, and mother in law in a care home with advanced dementia and been WFH most of the time and not venturing out for anything other than the weekly food shop.  It is what it is and I've been fortunate that I had it fairly mild (particularly as I'm asthmatic and have had pneumonia in the past).  Don't like ICU....been there, done that, not again thank you!


Re: Nearly there with full diagnosis....one result pending

Hi Crazycatlady

I'm defensively holding my arms up crossed in front of my face, whilst laughing at the same time at your "rage". That is sooo funny. Thanks for giving us a good giggle. Thank goodness it was the tin and not your husband 😜. Sooo sorry about your Co-vid and delay (my hands are up again!!).

I wouldn't have thought your skin thinning anything to do with cancer. More likely your looming menopause and the reduction in the female hormones that all help to keep and give our skin a "youthful" and "plumped out" appearance. Also, as collagen is a natural component of skin anyway, wouldn't have thought it would affect anything else treatment wise. But, as others have mentioned, won't do any harm to check with someone, BCN? Depends whether you are sensitive to perfume or not, but oatmeal based skin products and anything with added Vitamins A and E are totally harmless, good for moisturising and nourishing, Aveeno, etc.  Omega 3 and 6 oil capsules are great (and also harmless) at this age, to help maintain your skin from the INSIDE.     I studied skin and cosmetic science in my youth, during a 2yr college course in Beauty Therapy, prior to a switch to something more medical later.

Many women also swear by Evening Primrose too for their skin, but again, check it with someone first, as there are conflicting views on it, with regards to Her +ve? Whether it "mocks" Oestrogen? OR harmlessly binds to and therefore helps "block" some of the Oestrogen receptor sites, so +ve receptor cancer cells then can't bind to them??

To continue on the initial amusing note, a number of years ago on the Forum, I came up with the idea of selling PUNCH BAGS to we BC women. I was joking, but perhaps your husband may feel safer if you had one? ! ! ! ha ha 😆 

Hope you hear soon. Lots of love to you and the other girls on here, Delly  xxxxxx


Re: Nearly there with full diagnosis....one result pending

Hi crazycatlady

well, you don’t  make it easy, gallivanting round and catching nasty viruses - it’s a good job you hadn’t started your chemo. I suspect your illness would have meant admission!! But at least it’s out of the way now, we hope. 

When I went through menopause, I used wild yam cream, rich in oestrogen and so helpful in giving me an easy ride. However, there are so many triggers for this disease, there really is no point asking about causes - you can’t put the clock back. You may have a breastcare nurse who steers you clear of parabens to avoid oestrogen triggers from now on. My breastcare nurse dismisses the idea as lacking clear evidence (handy since probably 80% of what we use contains these apparently risky substances). But it’s worth breaking in mind the necessity to consult with your b-c nurse about these things.

I was prescribed a cream for intimate washing (but it can be used anywhere) called Epaderm. It’s a very soft emollient. You can buy it at a chemist or on Amazon and it’s a huge container (500ml?). For keeping my scar flexible, I was advised to use Aqueous cream (and through radiotherapy) and I still use it on my scars and my affected arm daily. You can buy tubes from a pharmacy or from Amazon but it’s most economical to buy the tub. 

If you bruise easily and use arnica, it’s time to stop the arnica IF you need to have chemotherapy. The NHS officially denies the remotest possibility that homeopathic remedies can work but they aren’t willing to take the chance and arnica is a no-no in case it does a manage to thin your blood. Be ready for many bruises - you can have no idea how many blood tests and cannulations like ahead!!

Good luck with the skincare. Now is the time to make the most of ‘simple but effective’ rather than expensive promises that may not be delivered. I was pleasantly surprised at how good my skin was after chemo, using only Epaderm and Simple Lotion, after many years embracing the Environs range (mug? I liked it). Jan x

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Re: Nearly there with full diagnosis....one result pending

Hi CrazyCatLady - I’m so sorry you have got Covid and wish you a very fast recovery, and hope nobody else in your house catches it, or that they are also recovering.

Fingers crossed for your final results - but I totally understand you taking out your frustration/anger/upset on the Yorkshire pudding tin. I did something similar when I was going through treatment - sometimes all feelings just come out, and I had an equally bemused husband! Good that we can now laugh at the episodes - the way you told it did make me laugh.

I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to your skin/collagen cream question - maybe give the nurses on here a call, or perhaps the nurse or GP could advise over the phone? My only comment would be to recommend you don’t go down the route of trying to work out what caused the cancer in the first place. I tried that and I have to say it didn’t help and you are more likely to end up blaming yourself unnecessarily. It’s not clear why some people get cancers and some don’t - obviously there are some lifestyle choices that might make us more likely to get it, but I’m sure you also know people who smoke, drink heavily, don’t exercise etc etc and are perfectly healthy. 

I hope you get a new surgery date soon and wish you all the best for it. Do keep in touch and ask any questions. Hugs, Evie xx


Nearly there with full diagnosis....one result pending

Hello my lovelies....so finally had (nearly) all my results.  So far I'm ER+/PR+/Her2- for right breast (12mm grade 2) and ER+/PR- for left breast (10mm) but waiting for the last Her2 result...aarrgghh.  If - then it's surgery/rads but if + will be surgery/chemo/rads, so still something to get my head around if it's a +.

I was due for my lumpectomies on 13 Jan but wouldn't you know it, I got Covid so had to have surgery put back to mid-Feb.  Spoke to my BCN this week and the plan is now for me to have a HT implant in tummy fat and to start taking Tamoxifen upto surgery date (and once I start the HT they'll book in my surgery...so hopefully within 2-3 weeks).

This waiting game and the drip feeding of results is torture!  I did have a bit of a meltdown last weekend where I destroyed a Yorkshire pudding tin as it wasn't clean (lol) and ended up jumping up and down on it whilst having a full on crying rage....but don't worry I'm OK now and can actually laugh about it.  Hubby was bemused and even offered to clean the newly destroyed pudding tin haha x

Anyway, I have a question which I hope someone may know please.  I'm 53 and have very thin skin on my arms which tears and bruises so easily.   I had been using a collagen cream but not used it since diagnosis as I think it may not be good to use as I'm ER+.  Therefore just wondered if anyone knows....or if there's anything else I could use to help the skin on my arms?  I also wondered if this may be a link to my cancer as my skin started getting thin around same time as my peri-menopause started and likely around same time the cancers started.  Thank you x