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Not the news I hoped for but feeling positive.


Re: Not the news I hoped for but feeling positive.

I was diagnosed on 31st March, and I also received my diagnosis over the phone. My oncologist said she had never had to do that on the phone in all her career. I've started a blog about how it feels to be newly diagnosed in these strange times. I wish you well on your journey.


Re: Not the news I hoped for but feeling positive.

Hi Laura


welcome to this wonderful site it’s sure helped me keep sane during my journey.

Sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with this horrid nasty C word, it knocks you for six & your journey may change along the way as mine did.

keep strong 💪 & positive I also was told after my operation it bloody spread to the lymph nodes so had another operation to remove 20 lymph’s and it was found in 3 so kinda getting my head around that I may have to have chemo but hey ho what will be will be.

when C enters your life it kind of becomes the new normal if that makes sense.

Ask lots of questions I wish you all the best on your journey.

you got this 🌈🙏

Nicky X 


Not the news I hoped for but feeling positive.

Hi all, 

obviously I’m completely new to this... but I have had a read and I seems such a great way to help with any questions one might have. 

so this afternoon I had that dreaded news, phone call because with this awful virus we all have to be sure and keep safe, but the news I received wasn’t what I would have liked to have heard but also a relief after 5 anxious days of waiting. 
but today I got diagnosed with grade 1b breast cancer spread to lymph nodes. 
feeling positive though and thankful but also sad that some might be getting the news that it’s much more than that. would just love to spread some positivity to you all... 

we go this 😌 


also if anyone else is going through the same I’d love to hear your stories. 

much love and keep safe all