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Post op


Re: Post op

Hi Delly 


the mammoplasty was to take the tumour out and reconstruct the left breast at the same time, and while I was under the anaesthetic, they did a reduction in the right breast.


its good to know that I am not the only one who didn’t feel strong emotions- it’s like when people say you are being so brave - I am not behaving this way to be brave - am just getting on with it as best as I can.


i have to say that so far I don’t feel ill- I just get tired really easily.


i see what you mean about hands and boobs - I even said to the surgeon when she was looking at what surgical options we had, if it means making it easier, I had already got n my mind that it could mean a full mastectomy so I was ready for that, well as much as I could be.


The surgeon said the op went well and according to plan, and the only deviation from that was that when she took the tumour out, she “shaved” a bit more off to be on the safe side.


keep fighting on !,


love Lotuslil xxx



Re: Post op

Hi Lotuslil


Are you meaning "mammoplasty" or "reconstruction" following onco surgery??

If the latter, yeh, I get that it's a bit weird you don't feel stronger emotions to it. Maybe not "yet", though. BUT, I think it's GREAT that you're feeling that way, to be honest. To me, it means it wasn't at all as BAD, as you thought it was going to be.

I have to say, after my first mastectomy, minus the desired recon, I too felt "Jeez, I've just literally had a breast cut off. I feel "maimed" but otherwise so okay and well". It's nowhere near as bad as having a limb or hand amputated, is it. We can actually live easily and very well without these two protruberances on our fronts!!! Smiley Indifferent Wanted and had asked for immed recon though, as I knew the loss would badly affect my confidence, still being a single woman, n' all that. Which it did.

I, unfortunately, did suffer that much more of a further blow to my physical confidence, after no 2. Also without immediate recon that I'd wanted and asked for, and then took me a further 7 yrs to have, due to major life stuff getting in the way.

I have developed a major hand prob in the last 5 yrs, and I say to people "You can easily live without boobs, but hands are that much more needed, of a daily necessity.

I hope you continue to feel the way you do, Lotuslil.


Good luck to you. my darlin' xxxx 


Post op

Good afternoon everyone 


And yes it is a good afternoon. Well I had therapeutic mammoplasty plus reduction on Friday 29th & am feeling remarkably well. Am not saying that I will continue to be that way but am feeling ok.


i have a Pico7 dressing on and despite feeling like I have a tight band round my chest, the only issue I have still is the tiredness.


Surgeon said the operation went well and pretty much according to plan. Had to take a bit more than thought but was happy how it went.


The only thing is I still don’t know how I feel about it all - has anyone else experienced this? I keep thinking that after everything I should feel different - like I should have stronger feelings or emotions, but I don’t 


Your thoughts/opinions would be appreciated