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Recently diagnosed and feeling so very scared and alone

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Re: Recently diagnosed and feeling so very scared and alone



Hello and welcome to the forum where you willl get loads of help and support from the wonderful ladies on here who will completely understand and have experienced what you are going through.


With regard to the white coat syndrome, you are not alone, I am terrible, as soon as a medical person comes near me my bp goes through the roof and I have to keep explaining the reason why.  Once I am at home doing my own bp readings they are totally fine.  You would be surprised how many people actually have the same problem so you are not alone my dear.


Just take a deep breath and deal with each stage one at a time, so for now it is preparing yourself for the op on Wednesday and then deal with the results after that, try not to second guess the outcome as that is only going to make your stress and anxiety worse.


Come on here whenever you want or need to and we will get you through this, there is always someone on here who will be abe to support you.


Sending you hugs


helena xx


Recently diagnosed and feeling so very scared and alone

Hi all,

I found my lump on the 30th Sept and was formally diagnosed on the 24th Oct. I had my lumpectomy and 2 lymph nodes removed as a precaution as ultra sound was clear on the 31st Oct...I’m 47. I went back to see my consultant last Fri and was told I have G2 cancer, clear margins and wasn’t in need of the Herceptiin drug however one of my 2 nodes had shown a trace of 2.4 mm...I’m now facing another op on Wed this week to remove all my lymph nodes.
I’ve finally plucked up the courage to join this site as I feel terrified and alone despite having wonderful family and friends support. I am known as a very strong woman and in a lot of ways I am when it comes to all around me but not when it comes to myself. I suffer very badly with white coat syndrome which no one gets and laughs at but it’s adding to my fear and anxiety. I’ve not been able to sleep since diagnosed and not only dreading having another operation on Wed but what the next results will reveal....Despite my consultant telling me my results were majority good news I can’t focus on anything but one of my nodes having a trace and therefore now having to have them removed as another precaution.
I feel alone with my heightened fear of the unknown and my white coat syndrome escalating this....
Is there anyone else going through similar anxieties?