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Scared and confuses


Re: Scared and confuses

L MItchell, thank you so so much. Your reply has really made me feel better. I’m so glad I let my feelings out on here. Your all so very kind and supportive.


Re: Scared and confuses

Thank you for your support Evie, I feel so much better after reading your reply.

I still feel for my overall health my decision for a mastectomy is right for me.

I think the letter I received today just opened up my emotions and I definitely had a good cry which in turn has made me feel better.

Thank you again for your kind words. 


Re: Scared and confuses

Hello hun,

I was offered lumpectomy or mastectomy and like you chose the mast, with no reconstruction. Just wanted to be sure it was all gone and was not worried about being uni-boob so did not want reconstruction surgery. My cancer is the same as yours, oestrogen and progesterone + HER2 -. The mastectomy was a straightforward day surgery for me, it was neatly done and uncomfortable but nothing general pain killers could not keep on top of. They took out some lymph nodes too and tested those, if cancer has spread to those other treatments may be needed.

Don't want to bombard you, just reassure you this fog does clear and you will get to grips with everything Be kind to yourself and take one step at a time. This forum has been a godsend for me, it is full of lovely people who are great at explaining things and giving you a boost when you need it. Ask lots of questions, everyone is happy to help.

Stay strong.

Community Champion

Re: Scared and confuses

Hi @Barb1953 - first of all a big welcome to this lovely forum, I’m so glad you have found it but obviously very sorry to hear of your diagnosis and that you have had cause to use it. I am also very sorry to read that you don’t have your wonderful husband alongside you now. I hope therefore that we can all support you as you go forward. Everyone on here just “gets it” without you needing to explain, no question is too big or too small to chat over with others.

I am sure you are feeling just like you have been hit by a big truck that came out of nowhere. I was diagnosed almost 5 years ago and I still clearly remember that feeling. I went numb and didn’t know what to do with myself. I was being bombarded with terminology and questions that I didn’t understand. I wanted to run away but unfortunately the lump was always going to go anywhere with me. Weirdly, once you have a treatment plan in place and you start you should find it a bit easier to deal with.

Doctors’ letters can sometimes be a bit harsh, or written in medical language that sounds fine to them but scares or upsets us as patients. You have to remember that it is your body and your decision. You should be supported by your team to make the best decision for you. Speak to your breast care nurse - you should have been allocated one - if you want to chat things over further.

Or I don’t know if you are aware, there is a team of lovely nurses on here - their number is at the top of the page - who you can call or message to chat through options. They are medically trained so able to help you with such questions.

I can try to explain a bit about your diagnosis. There are many types of BC, yours is one called hormone sensitive, meaning that the lump feeds off oestrogen and progesterone. It is likely that you will be given drugs after treatment to basically cut off/stop this food supply - you may have come across Tamoxifen, or other drugs called Aromatase Inhibitors (Letrozole or Anastrozole). That is a very layman’s description!

I had a mastectomy and implant reconstruction at the same time, but it is a very personal decision. I am happy to discuss any questions you have about the mastectomy operation. I know there are lots of people who decide against reconstruction - you might want to search the forum, there is a board just above this chat. Make sure you click the grey button on the left to search all the forum, not just this board.

I don’t want to overload you with information at this stage, so please come back and chat further if that helps. And I’m sure others will be along with advice too. Sending you lots of hugs and strength. Evie xx



Scared and confuses

Hi all I’ve just been diagnosed with Grade 2 breast cancer (ER8/8. PR8/8 stringy positive HER2 negative).

I don’t really understand what it all means but from what I’ve read the diagnosis can change anyway once you have the op.

because of my age, 68, and that I have been agoraphobic for some 46 years I have opted for a mastectomy in the hopes it will be a 1 off operation that will solve all, although my surgeon does not appear happy with my choice or that at this stage I’ve not chosen reconstruction at the time of surgery.  Ive chosen not to as that too can lead to further complications.

I just don’t feel supported in my decision and am completely overwhelmed by it all.

my operation is on 17th of September and I’m really frightened of the whole procedure and am constantly fighting whether or not I’ve made the right decision and my wonderful husband who was my rock passed away over 3 years ago so isn’t here to help me. 
has anyone else gone through this sort of decision and regretted it or been pleased they made it.

I don’t know where I’m going with this really I just think reading the letter the surgeon sent to my Dr has upset me, I think the wording of the letter could have been a little more sympathetic.