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Re: Scared

Hi Chris


I have just read your story, it is such a scary and emotional time. I too found a lump and was sent for for a mommogram and an ultrasound, like yourself they told me it wasn't anything suspicious but fortunately they did do the biopsy which determined it was cancer, I have never felt like I did a week later when they phoned me and asked me to come back in as the biopsy had detected the cancer, I was then sent for an MRI as the the 2 original tests had not shown up the C, I was told before I went for this that the MRI is so sensitive and it does show up things that are not necessarily anything but need further investigation which is what has happened, they have said that they can see a number of shadows on the other breast and I am now having to go for an US today, the not knowing is so difficult. I hope your scans all come back as positive as they can, keep me updated xxx

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Re: Scared

Hi Chris, sorry you find yourself here and it’s understandable that you feel so upset after being vigilant 7 months ago.  Cancer can take a long time to develop to the stage it’s at now so daily waiting shouldn’t make a difference.  I felt exactly the same as you though when I was diagnosed in March 2017.  It’s a very scary time and the anxiety monster is unpleasant.  Here’s my story which you may find some comfort from: http://lifeafterlola.com/

Feeling helpless is normal and you don’t have to feel obliged to be positive all of the time.  It can be better for overall mental health if you can be positive but, given the bombshell that has just been dropped on your life, it’s quite reasonable to have a meltdown or negative thought.  Once your treatment plan is in place it gets easier but the waiting is tough in the meantime.  Xx

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Re: Scared

Sending hugs, Chris & such a shock for you. Of course it’s scary & you will feel the way you do at the moment. 

You’re not alone in being younger, there are others here who are a similar age to you, who will hopefully be along shortly. 

The early days of diagnosis are so difficult, but before long you will have a treatment plan in place to deal with it. 

Do come & vent or chat whenever you need to & do look at the ‘going through treatment’ threads where you’ll be able to get support & chat with others going through similar. 

ann x




I got diagnosed on Monday (4th March) with breast cancer that has spread to my lymph nodes. Within half an hour of finding out I was rushed for a full body CT. Today I had a bone scan and tomorrow I’m having an MRI. It very overwhelming. 


Im 28 years old and I found a lump 7 months ago. I went through the clinic, had a very quick ultrasound and told they couldn’t really see anything and so it wasn’t cancer. I then got referred again but my referral got lost and I only got an appointment after a month of waiting. I’m now waiting for all my results to come together and it’s an agonising wait. I don’t find out until next Friday. I’m so so scared that it has spread further. Every niggle I feel in my body I dread that it’s cancer. I’ve had a very small headache above my right eye for a few weeks now on and off and I’m petrified it could be a tumour. Every day I wait feels like another day the cancer has a chance to spread. 

I’m trying to be positive but it’s really hard. I just want this out of me! I just feel so angry, upset and helpless.