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Shock and next steps


Re: Shock and next steps

Hi Joanne


i felt almost relieved when I had my diagnosis.  The time waiting for the biopsy result was awful.  So I 100% get how you are feeling ok.  Now I find I take one day/result at a time.  Deal with it in my head and move onto the next step.   

Everything seems to take forever in cancerland due to all results etc having to go through the Multi disciplinary team meeting and you are always the last to know.  I have found that really difficult. Good luck with everything 




Re: Shock and next steps

Joanne absolutely nothing wrong with feeling okay. I was diagnosed on christmas eve it was a massive shock as i only had a rash so didnt think for a second it was anything. My family and friends did that omg shock face when i told them but I trully feel inside it's okay I'll manage and I'll get through this. I actually feel lucky in a way that it was caught so early. So stay positive. You might have a couple wobbles but normal is whatever works for you. Good luck.x


Re: Shock and next steps

Wishing you all the best and a massive big hug. 

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Re: Shock and next steps

Hi Joanne, sorry to hear of your diagnosis but well done for coming on here as you will get lots of support.  It’s a very difficult time just after diagnosis as there is so much to take in as well as lots of anxiety whilst waiting for scan results.  It gets easier once you have a treatment plan in place but come and chat on here in the meantime whether for a rant, meltdown or just to ask questions. We understand how you feel.  Once you have your treatment plan you can chat with others going through the same on the “going through treatment” thread.  

Best wishes 

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Re: Shock and next steps

Hi joanne,

I've replied on your other post.

It's certainly ok to feel ok, but it's also ok to have bad days & wobbles too, we've all been there.

Do come & chat whenever you need to

ann x


Shock and next steps

Hi all


I got my results from biopsy today and it was confirmed I have breast cancer. I am only 32 to I think I have shocked my consultant but deep down I think I knew.


I have my MRI and Mammogram appointment set for Monday as Concern for my cancer to have spread due to age and type (can't remember it's name something negative) I will get results on Thursday next week and get a plan for treatment. Likelyhood is chemo will start in next 2 weeks while a surgical plan is drawn and lastly radiotherapy.


I have processed it and tbh feel in an OK place considering and now just need to kick it's ass!!!