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Sore breast and arm pit


Re: Sore breast and arm pit

Thankyou Tili hope your well this is an awful journey we are all on , I called breast nurse yesterday and left a message for her will

let you know the outcome 


thanks Sandra and hugs to you x

Community Manager

Re: Sore breast and arm pit

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for posting. You may benefit from asking our nurses about your sore breast and armpit. You can post on the Ask Our Nurses board where they will reply directly to you. I hope this helps. 

Best wishes,



Re: Sore breast and arm pit

Hello Sandra,

So sorry to hear you are uncomfortable after surgery, I’m 10 months down the line, still not as comfortable as I would like to be, had a lumpectomy and 15 session of radiotherapy, had a bit of lymphedema, however manageable. I have a telephone consultation next week with my consultant......have to say looking forward to a chat with him.

Was wondering if you should give your breast cancer nurse tomorrow for a bit of reassurance, or call the lovely nurses on this site who are always extremely helpful.

Wishing you well and let us know the outcome.

big hugs Tili 🌈







Sore breast and arm pit

Hi looking for reassurance I was diagnosed ductal carsinoma stage 2 grade 3 on March 17th 2020 had surgery 9/6/20 to remove lymph nodes and lumpectomy to remove cancer thankfully lymph nodes were clear on august I started just over 2 weeks intense radiotherapy all a success I started to see swelling in my upper and lower arm not much but was noticable

same as left breast was told I have lymphadema and breast adema since sutlegwey my breast has been tender and sore but recently it’s really sore under my arm and breast is this normal 6 months post op many thanks Sandra