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Surgery on hold due to covid - taking tamoxifen


Surgery on hold due to covid - taking tamoxifen

Hi lovely ladies,

I'm 33 and was diagnosed 2nd April with grade 2 hormone-receptor positive, HER2 negative breast cancer, fortunately it has not spread to my lymph nodes just yet.

I'm being told that lumpectomy surgery will be in 3 months (it always seems to be 3 months even as the time goes on!). In the meantime I've been put on tamoxifen, which has been fine and *touch wood* no side effects just yet.

I understand that any surgery apart from a mastectomy is on hold due to covid-19. On the whole, I've been fine with this - it is what it is - but then other times it scares me silly.

I'm most worried about:

- Tamoxifen not working and it spreading during the 3 months 

- I'm a worrier and a 'do-er', and this is 3 months extra to worry without any 'doing' to get rid of it.

- The 3 months could keep being extended if coronavirus continues to be such a drain on NHS resource and operations continue to be cancelled.

I was just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat? Sorry for my little rant, it's such a niche scenario in these 'unprecedented times' (gosh what a terrible phrase!) and it'd be lovely to be in touch with others.

Lots of love to everyone on this forum