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Swelling above collarbone. Waiting for diagnosis but had "cancer" letter


Re: Swelling above collarbone. Waiting for diagnosis but had "cancer" letter

Hi Rosie,

i have read your post and your previous ones and wanted to say hi in these difficult times when you are waiting for results. Wednesday hopefully will give you some answers and you’ll be closer to starting treatment but you may need additional tests such as scans. If they have said U5 there is a high chance it will be cancer but that is not a definite (fingers crossed that it’s not cancer). Try to bring someone with you or ask if you can record the conversation as you might zone out. Also if you can prepare some questions in advance. 
It is a very scary time but like my colleague said (and she went through it) you cannot control this so try not to think about it until then - something I have not been able to apply. 
i am doing mindfulness or guided meditation to give my mind some respite if only for short periods. 
Rosie I am thinking of you and wishing you all the best and hoping for the best for you. If cancer is confirmed hopefully your treatment will start very soon. 
do not hesitate to push if you think things are going to slow - you are your best advocate!!! 
take care Rosie 



Swelling above collarbone. Waiting for diagnosis but had "cancer" letter

Hi all I am still waiting for the results of my core biopsies after a MDT meeting next Tuesday. My appointment is Wed and it will have been 10 days since biopsies. A horrible wait.  I have had two letters since that were sent to my gp. One with the letters M4 and U5 on it relating to the mammograms and ultrasounds and it doesn't take a genius to look that up. I knew at the time it was probably going to be bad news. Anyway I have swelling above my collar bone and I don't know why. I went back to the doctor I saw in the breast clinic in a right old state and he sent me for an ultrasound on it and they don't know why there is swelling there. It's come on the other side now too. Has anyone else had this?