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Vitimin D


Re: Vitimin D

Hi daffodil


You’ll have or have had countless blood tests. Ask about your vit D levels before you take a supplement. I don’t know if taking too much can be harmful (as with some vitamins) but it may just not be necessary. If you’re very low, your oncologist or GP can/may prescribe the vit D boost, which is 2 x 20,000 unit capsules to be taken once a month for 3 months (Colecalciferol). I was told that any over-the-counter vit D would be fine after this and no brand was better than any other. It depends whether the size of the capsule/tablet is important to you - smaller the better for me!


Good luck with your treatment. Sitting in the sun for a short time is a cheaper way of getting that boost but this is the UK so we can’t rely on it x


Vitimin D

Hi , not sure if this is right place to post this but have been reading on a few of the threads on here about vitimin D and wondered if anyone could recommend a good brand please x