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treatment plan


Re: treatment plan

Hi Astra,

thank you, I'm glad I'm not the only one who is feeling like this 😁

Apparently it is standard practice to remove the sentinel lymph node to double check it is clear at my hospital in Calderdale.

I have only told people who need to know such as close family and work, maybe that is what is keeping me grounded, if not many people know then it isn't real as no one is being kind and sympathetic which I think will make me cry.

Good luck with your results, hopefully they have got the critter 😁

sending gentle hugs ❀


Re: treatment plan

Hi Mandles


I've had the op and I still feel its not real, its like shock I think because I just don't know what I feel about it.  Part of me just thinks, well have to go through this and deal with it then hopeful in the not too distant future things will be back to normal and the life episode experience stays in the past.


I've had about 3 little tearful moments and generally muddling through with everyday needs.  When the McMillan nurse asked me how I was feeling I got upset and she said its probably because I have not spoken about it to anyone.  Just making contact with the local Breast Cancer Support group and the Breast Care team of concerns will be helpful.  You will see a McMillan nurse on the day of your pre op assessment along with many other medics.


You've already had the lymph node biopsied?  


I had my tumour biopsied to determine cancer type before surgery date fixed for lumpectomy and lymph node removal.

In surgery I had one lymph node removed for biopsy while under going the lumpectomy the results of that is available when you wake up.  I under stood they only remove a lymph node to find out if the cancer has gone to the lymph if it has they remove more lymph.


But you have had the lymph node biopsied already?  And its clear?  So I wonder why they want to remove one?  Maybe query that.


Perhaps things are done differently in different hospitals.


The results of my lumpectomy I don't know until tomorrow when I got back to find out and what further treatment is recommended.


The most important thing before the op and always afterward is extra special care and pampering of yourself, good food, exercis by walking out the breast care exercises you are given to do and generally not overdoing things.  Just rest when you need to and don't expect too much of yourself initially.


You can contact the specialist nurse team about your concerns and what is going to happen, they will provide you with all that information, perhaps they have already done so and you just need to read it.


I am wishing you good support and best possible outcome for your surgery and good healing thereafter.


Best wishes and Heart





treatment plan


I have now met with the breast care team and I have my plan. I have been diagnosed with Invasive Ductal cancer, grade 1, 13mm in size.

it was found at my first mammogram, which I am so grateful for.

I am having a lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node removal on the 2nd Oct, my biopsy of my lymph nodes was clear.

I feel okay, I'm not sure how I should feel? I have only told my work colleagues and close family but this means that I feel I am boring them when I want to talk about what is going to happen. I am so confused about how I'm feeling/ reacting as I keep waiting for it to hit me and it hasn't. 

Sorry for the waffle, I just needed to day it somewhere πŸ€”β€