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7x months on

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Re: 7x months on

May be worth asking advice about this in the Ask the Nurses section ?


7x months on

I had a lumpectomy in November 2021. I had radiotherapy and I take Lamotrazol. 

My breast has been hard, like a rock I would say. No give and horrible lumpy areas all over. I've not been able to touch or check my breast. 

On Monday afternoon I was in agony in the breast. I took a co-codamol tablet. It eased, took another in the night as the pain was awful. Carried on taking them Tues and today, Wednesday. 

At bedtime today my breast is soft and bouncy. Not fully, but almost normal. The pain has gone too. 

Anyone any experience of this? Or had decent medical care to ask at the time if you had this, and what were you told? 

I wonder if this is lympodema? 

Thank you for reading 💕