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Am I going through the menopause?

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Re: Am I going through the menopause?

Hi Donna

I’m not sure I can answer your question but I didn’t want to read and run - and also I hope by replying I can bump your post up on people’s in boxes and someone else might be able to help more.

I was 49 when I had chemo, radiotherapy and then started Tamoxifen. My periods stopped after my first chemo and I’ve not had another one since. I was much closer to “menopause age” than you are, so I don’t really understand if all the drugs just stopped my periods or whether a natural menopause kicked in early as a result. I’ve asked doctors but nobody has been able to answer my question!

I know from a friend who had BC when she was about your age that her periods did return, and I have also seen such reports on forums. 

Maybe call your BCN for some advice? Or ask at your next appointment, it’s a good question.

Very best wishes to you as you recover from treatment.

Evie xx


Am I going through the menopause?

Hi, I'm just looking for some advice please......I finished chemo on 23rd July and radiotherapy on 12th September....I last had a period on 13th June and have had some hot flushes, night sweats and have sore joints.....am I going through early menopause? (I am 38) just wondering if all these things will subside and my periods will come back? Any advice is much appreciated 


Donna x