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Bouncing headaches?


Re: Bouncing headaches?

My doctors are monitoring it and have said it's likely due to trauma, they could eventually settle down but they want to monitor them for now to see how often they are triggered by stress or overdoing it. 
I'll see my surgeon again on 16th april. Hoping for more clarification then. Thanks Sue 🙂 

Sue C
Community Champion

Re: Bouncing headaches?

Hi Nicola

As a fellow headache sufferer, I feel your pain!

Is it possible that these are migraines? Maybe worth a visit to your gp. 

I had migraines for many years and they are debilitating. The gp can give you something for this, but what worked for me in the end was a small aspirin a day.

Not had one for a year now.

The other experience I had many years ago, were stress headaches ( after a traumatic experience )....like someone was constantly pushing down on the top of my head. I was given amitriptyline for this and it worked wonders.

Hope this helps.

Sue xx


Bouncing headaches?

hi everyone.

I am 4 months post left mx and immediate DIEP flap reconstruction, with some tummy complications and still have open wounds. I was wondering does anyone get the most horrendous, bouncing headaches that consume you to the point where you have to go and lie down/sleep to get rid of them? I seem to get these often (maybe 5 days out of 7) and I never had headaches like this before. Tablets don't work 😞 

N x