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Breast cancer

Cumbrian Lady

Re: Breast cancer

I think the waiting can be as draining as the treatment - it is not until it is all over we can actually breathe out and take in some relief.
I have finished my treatment chemo, surgery and 15 sessions of radiotherapy - I was then sort of left high and dry wondering what and when next?
You could ring your breast care nurse if you are concerned about how long you will have to wait.
My rads finished mid-April but I am not seeing my oncologist until the 3rd of August, he has rung me a few times, but no face to face with anyone.

Hope you get to hear soon and well done so far it's a long journey but you will get there❤️


Poppy xx


Breast cancer

I am recovering from a grade 2 invasive lobulat cancer I had my operation  in mach and 5 dose of radiotherapy at weston Park Sheffield I am still waiting to go back to Rotherham General hospital for a check up