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Change from implant to diep flap....


Re: Change from implant to diep flap....

Hello ladies,


Did any of you change implants for diep?


What was it about the implants that you didn't /don't like?


Any insight you could shed would be appreciated.


Wishing you all good health x


Re: Change from implant to diep flap....

Hi, I had my op last November & like you wanted a natural reconstruction but decided on implant thinking it would be best to get it over & done with one op. However, radiotherapy on the reconstruction has caused the implant to become really firm & it's now affecting my arm movement. So what next? Redoing the implant is possible but the capsular contracture could happen again. This isn't the case with diep but it's a bigger op.

Re: Change from implant to diep flap....

Oh yes please, I’ve had lipofilling which has taken the coldness away but it’s still so firm. Still unhappy with the implant so would be good to hear some pros and cons.
Hope your song well xx

Re: Change from implant to diep flap....

Hi, I’m in exactly the same position, just been told I have capsular contracture & could remedy it with diep flap.   Since it was August when you posted you might have made a decision, happy to chew over the pros and cons with you if you are still undecided. Christine 

Community Manager

Re: Change from implant to diep flap....

Hi Kjbuni 


I'm sorry that you haven't had a response yet to your question about your reconstruction. I'm hoping by posting this message it'll help someone respond.


In the meantime you can speak to one of our Nurses on the Helpline which is open tomorrow from 9am-4pm on 0808 800 6000. They should be able to give you some advice.


All best,


Breast Cancer Care


Change from implant to diep flap....

Cut a long story short, I wanted a natural reconstruction at the time of mastectomy but told it was not an option in May 2018.
Yesterday at appointment for lipofilling consultation, my consultant has said I could have the implant removed and go for a diep flap reconstruction now...
I’m so confused 🤷‍♀️ I don’t know what to do!
My lipofilling is due 18/9 or I go on the waiting list (up to 12 months) for the removal instead.
Has anyone done this??? I would reallly appreciate anyone’s advice or recommendations on this.
Thank you