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DIEP flap reconstruction


Re: DIEP flap reconstruction

I'm looking at a different type of reconstruction as like you my body did not take to an implant. It is pretty scary, but I am trying to think about the longer term.


Re: DIEP flap reconstruction

Hi there

You are certainly not alone in having these feelings.

I am pretty much in the same situation, almost 3 years post surgery & treatment & on the waiting list for TUGflap reconstruction.  I had a pre-op assessment a week before Christmas which has just brought it all back & put the fear of God into me.  Really not sure I want to go through it all !  I was very positive about reconstruction after the initial treatment but this far down the line, I feel I've moved on & have learned to live with the tissue expander, which can be rather uncomfortable at times, but bearable. I'm now totally stressed out about it all & don't feel like I could make a sensible decision!

I'm sorry my situation doesn't help you, but I can totally relate to how you're feeling x

The only advice I would give is to talk it through again with your surgeon or BCN to allay any worries or concerns.  

Sending hugs to you xxxx


DIEP flap reconstruction


I am 2 half years post mastectomy and treatment. I have been on the surgical waiting list for a year now and today received a call with a couple of days for a reconstruction. I have wanted this so much but when I took the call I felt in a bit of a panic and am not sure if I am ready to go ahead, I am so worried as I had failed breast implant surgery after my mastectomy and although I am positive about this surgery I am just so worried about the outcome. Did anyone else feel like this?