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Darling buddies from May - moving on

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Re: Darling buddies from May - moving on

Wow - we're here on our new thread! Happy New Year to one and all. Have the hangover from Hell, which in a way must be good as at least it means I had a (yep, just the 1!, OK you can say liar liar pants on fire)) drink last night! The evening was a disaster - 'luxurious' meant 'from Iceland' ! Disco meant 'music up loud' ! Cancelled our 1.30 am taxi and got a lift back earlier with one of our friends who wasn't drinking. Mistake was continuing to drink when we all got back to ours so went to bed at 4am and woke up with headache, hmmmm, do I really want to drink more than last year as a NY resolution? Basically the night summed up my year - cr@p - so, onwards and upwards. Hope all of your New Years were better and you had a great time, BTW we still enjoyed ourselves as we were with good friends who have seen us through this (or should I say last?) year.
OK, New Year Resolutions:
To drink more than last year! (being tee total for so much of it means this is the 1st year I've ever said that)
To try at least one new recipe each week (my youngest will spur me on for that one - we've got loads to get through)
To go for a long walk at least twice a week (work and weather permitting)
To remain positive - goes with the territory
To seize the day

Love to you all and huge thanks for being there (and here) for me. Hope we all keep in touch even though BC shouldn't be ruling our lives and totally understand if anyone needs to move on and get off this website ;-)
Happy 2009
Nicky x

Community Champion

Darling buddies from May - moving on

hope you all wiggle your way over here from our other giant thread.
Just want to wish you a very Happy New Year and hoping that 2009 will be much better for all of us.
Go make those dreams happen
Lily x x