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Fab online support group for post treatment


Re: Fab online support group for post treatment

Thanks for this!



Fab online support group for post treatment

Morning everyone

I completed treatment for stage 2 breast cancer last year - surgery, chemo, rads and tamoxifen. I really struggled once i'd finished and am still taking tablets for anxiety. I think the main thing I struggled with was not being able to talk to anyone - i felt like i had to hide everything i was feeling and people were totally over hearing about it. 

I am on the waiting list to join a Moving Forward group but i wanted to let you know about another really good free online support group i took part in. It's called 'Cancer Coach' and it's run by a charity called Cancer Support UK. It was all done over Zoom, once a week or 6 week and it was me and about 5 other women, most of whom had also had breast cancer. It was really good because it focused on emotional support and mental health, rather than side effects and health eating and exercise, which other groups have been in the past. 

It was so great to talk to other people who had bene through the same experience and hear that i am not alone in feeling rubbish! It has made such a difference to how i approach my recovery

I'm still terrified of recurrence but am working hard on accepting these feelings and im still in touch with the other ladies i met on the group which is a great comfort. 

If you google their website you can see all the details. Highly recommended!! xx