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Finishing Zoladex, what next


Re: Finishing Zoladex, what next

Hi, I can't really help but just wanted to say I'm in the same position. Coming off Zoladex and Exemestane after being on them for 5 years. Also feeling really apprehensive about coming off them and losing that safety net. Have you finished them now? Did you experience any side effects coming off them? I had my last Zoladex injection last month so would have been due my next one yesterday and had my last Exemestane tablet yesterday. Feel a bit rough today but hoping that subsides x


Finishing Zoladex, what next

Hi I am finishing zoladex and exemestane this month having taken them both for 5 years. I am apprehensive about finishing them as they feel like my safety net but equally can’t remember life without them

so look forward to losing some of the side effects. I’m 45 and wonder if my periods will come back and how long they take to leave my system. Has anyone else taken them for that long? Thanks x