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Foot Spa

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Re: Foot Spa

Poppy - what a perfect way to spend an evening. I love having my feet massaged, and have had some reflexology sessions too. I think I need to get myself a foot spa!

Enjoy your weekend. Evie xx

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Foot Spa

I have slight neuropathy more in my left foot caused by the chemo.
This evening I treated myself to a home foot spa session.
Feet plonked in my foot bath spa lots and lots of bubbles, nails trimmed after but the cherry on the top was the foot massaging oil - lavender, peppermint, and tea tree oil - heaven or what ( I think my feet feel happy).
If anyone has not given it a go - then do, if you have someone who can do it for you all the better😁

A good evening all in all even treated myself to a mini light babybel - yes I am easily pleased.


Poppy xx