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Forthcoming cruise

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Re: Forthcoming cruise

Hi Janie123


If you'd like to discuss your queries with one of our breast cancer specialists, our Helpline is open weekdays 9am-4pm and Saturdays 9am-1pm


Best wishes



Forthcoming cruise

Hi all,

I had my  last of six chemotherapies last Wednesday, and I am going on a mini-cruise next Thursday with five of my girlfriends. I am feeling very well, thankfully. I used to drink alcohol at the weekend, but not to excess. Two glasses of wine was usually my limit.  I have had the occasional glass of wine in my third week post-chemo as advised by the chemo nurse. On the cruise, which we booked a year ago, we have an all-inclusive alcohol package. Does anyone know if I would be allowed to have one cocktail in the evenings? ( we are going for three nights).

 My other, unrelated, question, is that I am naturally a mousy brown, but have had my hair coloured blonde for the last thirty years. I have been fortunate in that the cold cap has been quite successful and I have kept quite a lot of hair. There are now fairly obvious dark roots. Does anyone know if/when I can let my hairdresser safely start to dye my hair again?

Many thanks