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Getting back to who i was

Sue C
Community Champion

Re: Getting back to who i was

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I had lumpectomy, chemo and rads. Now on letrozole and zoladex. Coming up  to 2 years since diagnosis.

I'm not sure that it is possible to feel the same as before diagnosis. There is a constant worry of reaccurrance, but as time goes on, it is not at the forefront of my mind anymore. I think there is a new normal....if you get what I mean. A new way of looking at life.

I have gone through many changes during this time, but have learnt to take one day at a time, and I cope the best I can .

Best wishes

Sue xx


Getting back to who i was

Hello! This is my first post! I have dipped in and out of reading posts on a lot of forums the past 18months for advice and support but am struggling to find anything that relates to me now. I have finished my treatment, i had 2 ops one lumpectomy and one re-excision, 6 rounds of chemo hell, 20 radiotherapy treatments and 18 rounds of herceptin. I have now been bounced back into life with my fingers crossed that it is all done! And have no idea who i am anymore! Does anyone else feel this way?