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Hair colour change


Re: Hair colour

Hi, Im 6yrs post treatment and had fect and something, can't remember and  rads. My hair came back in grey but change to my original colour later on, but I went back to dying it as I had done previously before treatment.  Not sure if this is my use to you 

Community Manager

Re: Hair colour change

Hi Issy,


It’s understandable that you’re finding it hard to get used to your new hair colour. Hopefully someone on the Forum will be able to share their own experiences of this too very soon.


If you would like to chat about any concerns you have about this, our friendly clinical experts are just on the end of the phone on our free helpline. You can call them on 0808 800 6000 and it’s open 9am-4pm weekdays and 9am-1pm.


Best wishes,

Laura at Breast Cancer Care 


Hair colour change

Hi, finished FEC-T Chemo for Breast cancer 4 months ago and recovering well. I lost all my hair as cold caps weren’t offered. My hair returning well but appears to be a very different colour. I have always been auburn/red and it appears to be dark brown. I know it is very common to have hair colour change but just wondering if it’s likely to return to red eventually. Know I should just be grateful it’s not grey at my age (43) but finding it hard to get used to as I’ve never dyed it or been any other colour. Just wanting to know other peoples experience? Thank you