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How long do post chemo curls last?

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Re: How long do post chemo curls last?

thats exactly what happened to me. I let mine grow and used to put curly hair mousse on mine and scrunched it and let it dry naturally and it went into proper curls rather than the woolly look I think you mean. I had to laugh when someone stopped me and asked how I got my curly style!! I also put a few big curlers in sometimes and dried it for a bouncy curly look. That makes hair shine a lot. My hair came back twice as thick which was nice but harder to look smart. I finished chemo end of 2008 and it gradually got less curly from the start of 2011 just as I had got the hang of it and liked it!Still working on how I like it and no real style but mainly i just let it grow longer so it can flick out wherever it goes each morning! Not sure how it would be if cut short again and too scared to try! Let me know how you get on


How long do post chemo curls last?

My hair is growing back after chemo really really curly. I never had curls before so I'm not quite sure what to do now. I've tried frizz ease but I think I'm going to have to grin and bear it until it gets a bit longer. I'm trying all sorts of products to prevent it looking like "old lady hair". Every time I look in the mirror I see my mother staring back at me!
I have heard that the curls don't stay forever if you didn't have them before chemo. So has anyone any idea how long it will be before i get my old hair back?