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Husband seeking advice about wife injured during Mammogram


Re: Husband seeking advice about wife injured during Mammogram

Hi Keith
I'm sorry I can't help as I haven't experienced anything similar but I'm commenting so your post moves back up to the top of the board so people see it. You could also try posting on the Ask Our Nurses board.
I hope you get some help soon

Husband seeking advice about wife injured during Mammogram

Hi All

Firslty I'm not sure if this site is the right place to be posting this, but I desperatelyt need some advice that might help my wife.


Just over 3 years ago my wife went for a routine Mammogram at one of the mobile screening units in Cornwall.

After the screening she told me that while she was having her left side done she was in extreme pain, and was yelling for the operator to stop, but she caried on regardless.


Now since that day my wife has been in a lot of pain around one of her ribs. The pain is mainly concentrated at the sternum and where the rib meets the spine. You can also see a deformation around the rib, which has been explained to us as displaced cartiledge from the Mammogram.


My wife was a teacher before her Mammogram, and hasn't been able to work since. We have to sleep in seperate beds now due to her restless nights, and pain waking her up at night.


We have been to see various doctors who just seem to think it is in her imagination, but i know my wife, and she is most definatley suffering.


I am at my wits end as to what to do to help her, and it is breaking my heart to watch her suffer. Especially when it was caused by somehting that is meant to help.


I should point out that my wife is very slightly built and doesnt have a lot of fat tissue on her body.


Does anybody know of anyone who has suffered from these Mammograms, and perhaps still is?


We desperately need some help with this, but the doctors seem to think that this couldnt have happened due to a Mammogram, but I know it did.


We have lodged a complaint, and have someone looking into this for us, but 3 years later and the pain contiunues.

I would appreciate any help or advice on this matter.


Kind Regards