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Keeping the Mind & Body active

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Re: Keeping the Mind & Body active

Hi @darby1 thank you for your post and for sharing this on the Forum.

We are pleased to hear you are doing well and your advice here is greatly appreciated. We're sure someone will be along shortly to continue the conversation.


Best wishes,


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Keeping the Mind & Body active

Hi, my name is Ceri Griffiths & I finished my breast cancer treatment on 7th January. I had no pain or lump but just attended my 3 yearly mammogram. I am 53 years old and can tell you it shocked me to the core but then I blotted it out & carried on as normal. The op was successful & radiation fine. Staff were overun but lovely. The only time I sank was a couple of weeks after op where I could not help but being superglued to the sofa. My scar has healed nicely & skin I kept moisterised. I am now back swimming, choir, music group, meditation etc. Don,t get me wrong, some days I feel very fatigued but keeping moving is the best medicine for the body & mind. I suffer with fibromyalgia, diabetes type2, depression & anxiety & was diagnosed 6 years ago with Autism (Asperges). We have been through a few years of trauma here at home & my eldest daughter emigrated to Canada 2 years ago & I still miss her terribly. Anyway what I am trying to explain is that don't despair & go out and fulfill all your dreams & wishes the best you can. I have just completed my 2nd song all written by myself & the tune. Have completed my music production course & have an amazing time at The Spider Project with a great bunch of people. If anyone interested in listening to my work & other members it is on You Tube under David Bourne songs. stay positive peeps. xx