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Lump above reconstruction scar


Lump above reconstruction scar

My breast cancer diagnosis was in 2006. Successful treatment of chemo, right mastectomy and lat dorsi reconstruction.

Fast forward to 2019 and routine mammogram on left breast picked up abnormal cells. A quick day surgery and pathology showed that it had been picked up before it became cancerous and no further treatment required. Back to annual mammograms. 2020 mammogram results were satisfactory.

However I have now noticed I have a large lump on my back at the right hand side just above my reconstruction scar. It's solid and about 10cm x 7cm. Although not sore when I first noticed it (a few days ago), its now really quite sore. To the extent I cant lie on it and prevents me from having a good nights sleep. Now Im taking painkillers.

Ive called my breast surgery secretary whos arranged an appointment for 2nd December. However the confirmation letter I received today says its a telephone consultation. Not sure how I can talk about a lump that I can only see in the mirror? 

Ive done what I tell others not to do and googled it.

Im wondering if its a lumbar hernia which although seems to be very rare, can be associated with lat dorsi reconstruction? Has anyone else experienced this?  I reckon I might be sent for an ultrasound but hoping its sorted soon as pain is really uncomfortable.  Dont know what else it could possibly be. Would be interested to hear if anyone else has a story to share. Currently in a Tier 4 region in Scotland so hoping restrictions arent going to delay or affect any treatment.



Hi caz30,

So sorry you are dealing with the stress and worry. It's so hard during the lockdown, as medical staff don't want to come face to face with people.  I did manage to get an appointment with my GP though, who after speaking to on the phone, I managed to see face to face.  I wonder if you can contact your GP to see if they can help you in some way.  I really feel for you and hope that after speaking to your consultant, they will agree to see you.  Big hugs xxx