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Lump in armpit


Re: Lump in armpit

Hi PJB43

A warm welcome to the forum.

Sounds as if you may have a "seroma" - not uncommon after breast and lymph node surgery. Am glad you have an appointment to have it checked. If it is a seroma, some resolve themselves, the fluid gradually becoming reabsorbed by the body. Some require  simply draining (aspirating) using a hypodermic needle to draw up and remove the excess fluid. A quick and painless procedure to have done and giving instant relief.

Let us know how you go on at your appointment.

Good luck with it, flower.  Delly xXx 


Lump in armpit

Hi I have had a lump come up in the side I had lymphnode clearance right in my armpit and I wondered how normal it was or if it’s happened to anyone else? I’ve already been referred to get it checked but I’m worrying.  Am I right in thinking it can’t be a swollen node as they removed them all from that side? x