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Magnesium supplement


Re: Magnesium supplement

Hi Jane @Talandjane 

I am currently taking letrozole and have been since January of this year.  I have a problem with my magnesium levels following my chemotherapy last year, so I am currently being given regular magnesium supplements in tablet form by my Oncologist. I do have to have regular blood tests to monitor my levels but I think that is because the problem arose as a result of the chemotherapy and once my levels return to normal I will no longer need the supplements.  But basically the answer to your question is yes I am taking both letrozole and magnesium glycerophosphate in chewable tablet form.  Hope this helps

Take care




Community Champion

Re: Magnesium supplement

Hi Jane @Talandjane - I can’t help with your question regarding Letrozole and magnesium supplements, but I do take magnesium supplements with Tamoxifen. My GP advised this and my oncologist confirmed this was correct. Someone else may come along to give their experience with Letrozole, but I think it’s always best to double check any supplements with your GP or hospital consultant.

I hope you continue to recover well from treatment and surgery and that Letrozole continues to treat you kindly.

Very best wishes, Evie xx


Magnesium supplement


I have just had a mastectomy and then 2 weeks later a auxillary node removal of my lymph glands. I am also on letrozole which other than  putting on some weight I am not doing too bad. Initially did have problems with slight allergy but it has settled down thank goodness.

I do have some food intolerances ( to do with histamine - which can raise oestrogen and may have been one of the causes of this whole breast cancer thing) .I cannot always eat high magnesium foods but do miss it as a supplement and sometimes get muscle twitches unless I take it. Does anyone take it while on letrozole ? Heard any reason that it shouldnt be taken with Letrozole ? At the moment have taken it occasionally as epsom salt in foot soak. 

I thought I saw an area on this forum to do with supplements but cant find it now ? 

Thank you for all your help 

lots of love

jane xx