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Permanent hair loss??


Re: Permanent hair loss??

Have you thought of signing up for a 'look good, feel better' workshop run by Breast Cancer Care? I went on one and they taught me to draw in my eyebrows really effectively. I now have eyebrows (much thinner than they were) but it was a great help in the interim to be able to draw them in.


Re: Permanent hair loss??

Thanks Jay


It is mystery isn’t it? I try to see the funny side. You would think eyebrows and eyelashes are in the same vicinity! 

I will keep a close eye on whether one leg grows thicker hair than the other.


I will hold off microblading for a bit longer. I do look really weird without eyebrows but all attempts to draw something on look just as weird and its actually quite dispiriting to spend so long attempting to improve something for it to look just as bad! At least it is summer so I can hide behind sunglasses! Well I would if the sun was shining for once.

Thanks again for sharing your experience. 💋

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Re: Permanent hair loss??

I had the same chemo as you back in May 2017.


My hair started to return when I was on the Docetaxel chemo but I was also still on Herceptin and until I finished that in June last year my hair was growing but not like it is now!  Also, the texture is almost back to before treatment - but it's so thick - I've always had thick hair but quite honestly it's crazy now!  The curls have gone too...!


I have, however, never grown any armpit hairs under either arm - I had mx and complete node removal on my right side.


My leg hairs unfortunately returned - one leg has more than the other!!


My eyelashes and eyebrows are now back to where they were but they took time!


I also grew fine downy hair on my face - thankfully that's almost all gone and my Husband reassures me that you can't see it - but I can under my bedside light!


You'll appreciate, we'll never be quite what we were before all this treatment but we sure are stronger!


Take care and hopefully it won't be long before your eyebrows recover x


Permanent hair loss??

Hi Ladies


I am six months post chemo and having very mixed returning hair growth!!


I had 4 x EC and 4 x Docetaxel. I cold capped but lost quite a bit of head hair for variety of reasons. Lost every other bit of hair, every single eyelash, eyebrows etc.


My eyelashes are growing back, they are short but I can see them beginning to appear all around my eyes.


However NO eyebrows. Nada. Believe me my old eyebrows were thick, I even used to trim them with scissors as well as plucking. Should I give up hope? Please dont tell me to pencil them in. It looks awful when you have no eyebrows at all to follow. Think Coco the clown. I am considering getting the microbladed but have been waiting to see if anything grows back bc I might end up with doubly thick brows!


I have no underarm hair at all (inc. non-rads side) but pubic hair growing back? Very confused.com


Hair on my head is coming back strong (just dont get me started ont he colour or texture!)


I know now that Docetaxel can cause permanent hair loss and there are a variety of class actions going on in the US. But has anyone heard that it only affects some parts of the body?


Any pearls of wisdom gratefully received.