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Refused Breast Reconstruction


Re: Refused Breast Reconstruction

Hi Leonie. Could you explain a little bit more about these NICE guidelines please? I was under the impression I had no chance of NHS surgery to even me up and would be so costly to go private. 


Re: Refused Breast Reconstruction

Hi Tracey,


I have just come across this thread. How can they not tell you this when you make the decision to have delayed reconstruction? That waiting list hasn't happened overnight. Is it the same everywhere in the country?


How about ladies with implants that need replacing it have ruptured? Are they put in waiting lists whilst the silicone potentially leaks?I


The NHS is a wonderful thing but what's the point of NICE guidelines saying every woman has the right to reconstruction of she can't actually access it?


I really hope you find a satisfactory solution, God knows you deserve it x


Re: Refused Breast Reconstruction


OMG i saw under Broomfield for a short while, the surgen i saw was very blunt.


I've been told by my BC surgeon that due to cuts in funding Broomfield now only take patients where there is an immediate reconstruction. However, he also said it depends on the type of reconstruction?


Do you know what types of reconstruction are available and which one you would prefer?


Ask your BC surgeon what they offer locally? i've been told i can have a silicone implant or they can take a muscle from my back.







Re: Refused Breast Reconstruction

Hello Tracey,


How absolutely frustrating for you, especially as you now feel able to consider such a procedure.  From what I have read in the papers, this has been the case for others too, irrespective of the type of procedure.


 I suppose they needed to see you first to see if you were an appropriate candidate for such a procedure.  For example, it may not have been an appropriate choice and they could have guided you to other options.  It may be the case that they are closing their waiting lists for the time being until these are  reduced/funding is available again, in which case it could be classed as a delay rather than a complete refusal.  It will be interesting to see if you are  offered this in another area  - maybe you would give it serious consideration even if outwith your area.


I am sorry to hear that your mother died.  It must have been a difficult time for you coming to terms with breast cancer and the effects of Alyzhiemers on your mum, you and your family.


Good luck to you Tracey and I hope you get what you want in the end,,

Chick X


Refused Breast Reconstruction

June 2013 i was diagnosed with breast cancer, i had a full mastecomy followed by chemo and radio. At this time my Mum was diagonsed with Altzhiemers. After my treatment had finished i wasnt in a good place to have reconstruction as my worry and time was spent with my Mum. Sadly i lost my Mum in October last year. I took the step to go through with the reconstruction, My doctor refered me to see the plastic surgeon at the Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford. I went to see him today. He had a look at my mastecomy then looked at my tummy, he said i am a prime candidate for a diep but they cant do it as they have no funding and 200 people on the waiting list. He also said he would write to my doctor and it might be a case that i could have it done in Suffolk, but my understanding is you have to live in the catchment area. I think i have been through enough without having to travel half way accross the country and my family not being able to come and support me. I can not get my head around them still making me go to see them today when they knew dam well they had no funding, it would of been much better of them to say we cant see you.