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Seroma or Mild Lymphoedema Over A Year After Surgery?


Re: Seroma or Mild Lymphoedema Over A Year After Surgery?

Hi Louise


What you describe sounds like something I’ve had on and off since surgery 16 months ago. Sometimes it hurts if it appears where my tatt is but otherwise it’s just uncomfortable and dealt with. I loved the exclamation mark. It’s so tempting but nope, even after we’re clear, Google isn’t always our friend.


An identical thread to this was running on Monday so, rather than cover the ground, I wonder if it would help to scroll back to Monday (page 2 at the moment) where you’ll find a post written by Kah (the one with two hugs), some photographs and lots of reassurance to help you till you see your BC nurse.


Best of luck,

Jan x


Seroma or Mild Lymphoedema Over A Year After Surgery?



I had SNB and 2xWLE in 2018 and have recently been experiencing pain in my armpit and on the inside of the affected upper arm (no obvious swelling).   I found a small swelling directly under the scar of the SNB and saw the GP, who thinks it is a reactive lymph node and prescribed some antibiotics.


I am due to finish the antibiotics today, but there is no real  improvement.  Due to family circumstances, I never rested my arm after surgery.  I wet shave my underarms every other day and I often have split fingers because of decades of OCD handwashing.


I was wondering if this could be a seroma or mild lyphoedema?   I did read online (!) that lymphoedema can occur years after surgery.  I have an appointment with my BCN on 20th Feb.


Any responses would be appreciated.