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Spotting signs of secondary cancer?


Re: Spotting signs of secondary cancer?

Hi!  I am a 10 year BC survivor and went through a double mastectomy, chemo, radiation, and 6 surgeries.  Over the years I have battled numerous short and long term side effects, anxiety and the emotional impact of worrying about a recurrence, and have spent long hours doing research and addressing my physical and mental health to be as healthy as I can be.  I offer breast health coaching for anyone interested in working on topics such as; diet & nutrition, vitamins & supplements, movement & exercise, detox, sleep optimization, hormones, and more.  I also offer a Free monthly on line meeting where I address different topics related to breast health and a Free one on one 30 minute discovery call for anyone interested in learning more about my coaching services.  www.BreastHealthCoach.com


Re: Spotting signs of secondary cancer?

Thanks Lou.  Yes, that is what I am thinking.  Good to hear this is other's experience.  I did feel low after I finished my treatment as it did feel exactly like falling off a cliff edge, going from daily radiotherapy to nothing.  Hope your genetic testing results are favourable.

Sending all best wishes



Re: Spotting signs of secondary cancer?


My treatment plan is slightly different i.e. chemo (done), lumpectomy and full lymph removal (done) and radiotherapy to happen shortly and then like you have been told a 6 week follow up (on the phone) with my oncologist after radiotherapy and then it will be the yearly mammogram - I do feel we fall off a cliff edge after treatment but it seems the norm having spoken to others.

I have also been referred for genetic testing due to the type of cancer I have which I am going for which will mean if it comes back positive, some more decisions to make so my journey for that reason has extended a little and I will have more support.

I guess all we can do in the interim periods, is be very mindful of our bodies, feelings etc. and alert early any changes that we feel occur without getting too paranoid (which I guess is a danger) - I know I feel I will live with cancer forever just need to learn how to live with it so it does not affect me too much.

Be good to hear other thoughts.

Best wishes




Spotting signs of secondary cancer?

Hi everyone

I have recently finished my treatment.  I had mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy.  I had 9 affected lymph nodes so am concerned about chances of secondary cancer as well as recurrence on the other side.  The NHS follow up system of yearly mammograms does not seem very robust to me.  I'm keen to hear from others particularly regarding:

1) How you self-monitor

2) If you have had recurrence/secondary cancer, what you could have done differently to spot it earlier

3) If there are any options for more intense monitoring if you go private

Many thanks.